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What Kind of Flower Are You, Little Girl?

My very first children's book was published April 26th, 2022. Inspired by parenting my own magical daughter as well as years of providing spiritual care to adult women learning how to lovingly care for themselves, this is a story born of deep love and passion.

What to expect:

Wander along this floral adventure with a caregiver and child as the caregiver asks how to best tend to the unique needs of such a beloved daughter.

What Kind of Flower Are You, Little Girl?  is a reminder to the child in us all that we too deserve to be loved and nurtured as the wise, beautiful, and extraordinary individuals we are!

What Kind of Flower are You, Little Girl?: Welcome

Now Available At:

Itasca Books

Barnes & Noble

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What Kind of Flower are You, Little Girl?: List

Sharing deep gratitude for all who helped to fund my Kickstarter campaign!

Including those who contributed at the Sunflower Salute level and above:

Diane, Ryan Ziegler Spaeth, 

Jeanne Bendewald, Kevin Flynn & Laura Nezworski, Jackie Sanchez, Tere Doppmann, Jason, Chris Heeter: The Wild Institute, Jimmy Dunn, Joni Dirtzu, Kat Hitzeman, Austin Stugelmayer & Kate’ LeBeau, Anonymous, Tanya K., Jayne Komadina, Brittany Hedberg, Barbara, Beth Johnson, Denise Gustafson, Judy Holm, Kaia, Kim, Katy, & Lauren!

I am endlessly grateful for your support and involvement in making this dream come to life!

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